Eryn Houck     


Bellwether Design and Interiors exists to enhance the way that families live and entertain. Our work is rooted in a belief that beauty is found in authenticity and curating spaces that are both functional and meaningful. Bringing forth, through purposeful design, a reflection of the ethos and individuality of the family that inhabits each home. Always interested in the beauty of things, Eryn is inspired by the simple yet elegant details of life… the pleasure of receiving a snail-mail invitation, the warmth of a fresh flower arrangement for an overnight guest, the familiarity of old friendships and the sophistication of a well set dinner table. Bellwether Design & Interiors offers Eryn the chance to meld her love of beautiful interiors and the thrill of getting dirty on a construction site. She never tires of meeting new people and helping them envision the way they will live and love in their spaces. 

Bellwether Design & Interiors
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